Full Service Solutions

Nu-Idea is centrally located in Sumter, SC, and all administration, warehousing, etc. is located there. Your call will be answered by our staff and your needs met promptly. Nu-Idea routinely manages projects of all size and scope for its customers.

We Design It
Beginning with a free one-on-one consultation, Nu-Idea works closely with each customer. Our design services enable our customers to have a good vision of products and budgets prior to product delivery.


Every project begins with a free consultation and analysis. Additionally, we have an office staff on hand to answer calls and any questions - not a voicemail.


Nu-Idea has a professional interior designer on staff to assist with optimum product selection, space planning, and color choices.


Customers often need 2D or 3D layouts for certain spaces. Nu-Idea can provide CAD layouts to determine the best products and configuration for a space.


Long-standing relationships with our represented manufacturers enables us the ability to get the best possible pricing for our customers.

We Order It
Nu-Idea represents over 350 manufacturers and suppliers that include furniture, fixtures, equipment, appliances, and supplies. We have been doing business with most of these for 40 years or more.


We represent 350+ manufacturers/suppliers that include furniture, fixtures, equipment, appliances, and supplies that our customers have access to.


Shipping, handling, and storage of selected products is fully implemented by Nu-Idea on an efficient schedule according to customer needs.


Nu-Idea has 65,000 square feet of warehouse space, where up to $500,000 in products is held in inventory to enable immediate delivery.

Asset Management

Nu-Idea can analyze inventory to determine future needs or to assist with asset value and management. This is typically done at no charge to our customers.

We Deliver It
Nu-Idea's reliable fleet of trucks will deliver your products to the site on time with the utmost care and professionalism.

Delivery & Removal

Nu-Idea has its own fleet of trucks with an experienced crew of in-house drivers and movers. Old equipment can be removed at time of delivery if necessary.

Product Relocation

Many customers have needs to relocate product within the district. Our staff, trucking, and warehousing enables us to assist with movement or storage of assets.

We Install It
Nu-Idea’s greatest asset may be its highly trained staff of installation personnel. Our installers are trained to efficiently install furniture, with construction management on site, and effectively carry out the wishes of our customers under any circumstances.


With Curt, Ryan, and our trucking and installation crew, we can now install an entire school in as quick as 1 week. Your facility will be ready on the first day of school.

Project Management

Nu-Idea’s crews will expertly oversee all construction requirements involved in the installation of your products and features.

Clean Up

When all the installation work is done, your new space will be thoroughly cleaned, ordered, and sanitized in preparation for your students, teachers, and staff.

Punch List

A final walk-through with our client will be done to pinpoint any remaining issues that need to be addressed. Nu-Idea will note these needs and promptly fix them.